Scholarships / Bursaries

Every gift helps bring us one step close to our vision to be Singapore’s leading contemporary arts and design institution. Being a non-profit institution, your contribution will enable fresh new programmes and initiatives to benefit students, student life and support quality education.

loveLASALLE Scholarships and Bursaries

With the collective gifts received via the loveLASALLE Education Fund, we aim to build a sustainable pool of funds to finance scholarships and bursaries for eligible students (from 2014 onwards). Stay connected with us as we start our journey.

 For more information on the other types of scholarships and bursaries available to new and existing students, click here



As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence, the College has in place the LASALLE Scholarships and also, in partnership with our corporate sponsors, named scholarships, which are awarded to the best and brightest.

- Dare to Dream Scholarship. More about Dare to Dream.
- Future Leader Scholarship – Diploma
- Future Leader Scholarship – BA(Hons)
- LASALLE Scholarship – Diploma
- LASALLE Scholarship – BA(Hons) 
- LASALLE Scholarship – Master of Arts
McNally Scholarship 
- Ngee Ann Kongsi Scholarship
- Peter Seah Scholarship
- Tan Chay Bing Scholarship – Diploma
- Tan Chay Bing Scholarship – BA(Hons)
- The 30 Arts Friends II Scholarship – Diploma
- The 30 Arts Friends II Scholarship – BA(Hons)
- The VEDA MEKANI Scholarship for Performing Arts

A college education should be within the reach of all those who want to and are willing to work hard for it. But the reality is that quality education in the Arts is beyond the reach of some. Fortunately, continued support from our donors and community partners help keep the doors opens for students of lesser means.

- LASALLE Bursary – Diploma
- LASALLE Bursary – BA(Hons)
- LASALLE Bursary – Master of Arts
McNally Bursary
- Ngee Ann Kongsi Bursary – Diploma
- Ngee Ann Kongsi Bursary – BA(Hons)
- Ngee Ann Kongsi Bursary – Master of Arts 
- Peter Seah Bursary
- Singapore Lions Club Bursary
- Tan Chay Bing Bursary – Diploma
- Tan Chay Bing Bursary – BA(Hons)
- The 30 Art Friends II Bursary


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