McNally Campus

Situated in the Arts, Culture, Learning and Entertainment hub of Singapore, the city campus encourages interaction through its glass facade and gateless walls. The design provides many platforms for interaction and inspiration. In keeping with the integrative nature of contemporary art and design practice, multiple break-out spaces and sky bridges encourage diverse art forms to coalesce and co-mingle, providing an inspiring learning environment for students.

Architecturally unique and designed as an integrated arts campus, the LASALLE compound offers students an impressive array of performance and exhibition spaces for learning and showcasing. LASALLE’s unique learning environment encourages interdisciplinary interaction and a holistic approach to contemporary practice. On any given day, you are exposed to the various creative disciplines – you could be viewing an exhibition by an international artist, then attending a lecture by a guest designer, followed by a concert at lunchtime and critiquing a fellow student’s work-in-progress, and finally, helping your friends with their film project.

Our campus features facilities to ensure you the best possible experience at LASALLE, and provide the means to fulfil your creative vision. We welcome enquiries on naming rights to our various spaces. Please contact

  • 1,500 sqm of contemporary art exhibition and gallery spaces;
  • The region’s first Theatre and Art Production Workshop which will let you create full-scale sets on-campus;
  • 3 theatres, including Singapore’s first black box theatre with flexible ‘in-the-round’ seating with total approximate size of 662 m2;
  • 10 computer labs equipped with iMacs; total floor area: 510m2, total capacity: 200 students
  • 6 classrooms to accommodate up to 25 students each; total floor area: 207.1m2, total capacity: 150 students
  • 3 lecture theatres; total floor area: 304m2, total capacity: 234 seats
  • 56 Studios to accomodate min 25 students to 200 students, Total floor area 5414.50m2
  • ‘Converged’ network communications infrastructure by Cisco, including a wireless network environment, supporting services like e-learning, video conferencing, education, digital media, and campus security.

Note: Some classes may be conducted off-campus

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