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Arts Management is the study of how the arts reach their audiences. Arts Management training and research involves how this is done in a fast changing world. Arts Managers work with artists and institutions, government agencies and corporations. 

Study Arts Management @ LASALLE

The LASALLE Arts Management Programme is uniquely placed to lead the professional education of arts managers. Located in Singapore with its comprehensive arts scene, private, and public support structures, and exceptional museums, theatres, festivals, and local venues, it offers you accessible and diverse opportunities to engage in practice in the field. You will have opportunities to be interns, meet leaders in the field from around the world, and to undertake research.

As a LASALLE Arts Management graduate, you will draw from exposure to numerous art forms, business and entrepreneurial skills, legal knowledge, and cultural policy and diplomacy, and are poised to become a leader in your field both in the region and beyond.

A Full Time Three Year BA(Hons) Degree

The BA(Hons) Arts Management Programme is a full time, three-year undergraduate programme. As with all LASALLE degrees, it is validated by Goldsmiths, University of London.

The BA(Hons) Arts Management Programme offers an interdisciplinary curriculum with the chief aim of producing graduates equipped with a depth of knowledge and understanding about the artistic and business environment which the arts work within. The comprehensive course of studies is designed to enable our graduates to mediate between artists and their audiences, and become effective arts managers.

The learning environment concentrates on developing a range of analytical, reflective, and communication skills in order to enable you to become an articulate and reflective Arts Manager.

Arts Management Clusters

The Programme organises courses into a framework of four required clusters of study for all three levels:

Level 1 constitutes an introduction to the Programme and establishes its methodological and practical base. It presents the different disciplines and theoretical approaches needed for the study of arts management and provides an historical, social, and artistic introduction to the detailed study of arts management to be carried out at Levels 2 and 3. Level 2 develops upon the practical and theoretical work begun in Level 1, and focuses upon the acquisition of new techniques of practice and the introduction of wider areas of knowledge.

Level 2 allows you to be intensely involved in the discussions and analysis of theories and issues to strengthen and develop your critical disposition in talking and writing about the arts.

Level 3 provides you with the opportunity to acquire critical professional skills relevant to contemporary practice, supported by activities to hone your verbal and written communications. In this final year, you will be introduced to Arts Policy and Arts Law. The Programme also encourages you to undertake an internship. You will complete your course of study with a 10,000-word research dissertation.

Teaching Methods @ LASALLE

You will learn through lectures, workshops, tutorials, seminars, local and overseas internships, and live projects. There will be regular guest lectures by industry practitioners and international visiting professors. You will participate in class presentations, complete written assignments, and put together a research project.

Assessments: Assessment is an integral part of the learning process, and will be formative and diagnostic as well as summative and evaluative, providing feedback to you wherever appropriate. Read more about assessments here.

Placement learning is where you are offered opportunities to experience learning outside the classroom in real-life working environments or in approved partner institutions. Read more about placement learning here.

Career Path: 

Arts Administrator/Manager

Related Careers: 

Undertake numerous roles such as General Manager, Marketing/Public Relations Manager, Exhibition Manager, Event and Operations Manager, Programming Manager, Sponsorship Manager, Theatre Manager in small, medium, and large public and private arts organisations, Policy Maker in governmental agencies


There are four clusters of knowledge which you study in each of the three levels. These are:

  • History and Contextual Studies
  • Business of the Creative Enterprise
  • Visual and Performing Arts Management Practice
  • Research and Communication Skils


B-AM 101: History and Contextual Studies I

  • History of Visual Arts - Western & Asian Art
  • History of Performing Arts -  Music
  • History of Performing Arts - Dance
  • History of Performing Arts - Theatre

You will be introduced to the historical context of the visual and performing arts as a foundation for your study of aesthetics and art theory through a study of the story of art, its main historical movements, and national styles as practised and defined in Western and Asian traditions. The second part of this module introduces you to the origins and development of dance, theatre and music, and their evolution into distinct styles and genres as practised and defined in Western and Asian traditions.

B-AM 102: Business of the Creative Enterprise I

  • Principles of Arts Management
  • Marketing & PR Management
  • Accounting & Budgeting for the Arts
  • Principles of HRM

This module increases your awareness of the role of the arts manager in the growth and development of the arts and equips you with the first principles of business management, marketing, finance, and human resource management.

B-AM 103: Professional Practice (Visual and Performing Arts Management Practice I)

  • Visual Arts Management Practice - Docent Training
  • Performing Arts Management Practice - Technical Theatre Skills
  • Performing Arts Management Practice - Front of House / Operations & Logistics
  • Visual Arts Management Practice - Methods & Materials / Conservation Studies
  • Practical Attachment (VA) to ICAS
  • Practical Attachment (PA)

You will study through hands-on workshops the various methods and materials used in visual arts practice in order to acquire the vocabulary used by artists to describe their own processes and work. Complementary to the module is the study of technical theatre arts where you will have the opportunity to develop a working knowledge of back-of-house management, and production and stage management.

B-AM 104: Research and Communication Skills I

  • Academic Writing
  • Business Writing
  • Communication Studies

You will be introduced to general theories of communications that affect the social, technological and cultural spheres in which the arts operate. You will understand forms of communication, media and culture as they have emerged historically and appreciate the processes through which they have come into being.


B-AM 201: History and Contextual Studies II

  • Art, Interpretation and Aesthetics - Visual Arts
  • Art, Interpretation and Aesthetics - Music
  • Art, Interpretation and Aesthetics - Dance
  • Art, Interpretation and Aesthetics - Theatre

This module teaches contemporary approaches to understanding and interpreting art. You will be introduced to major aesthetic theories, which have arisen in Western and Eastern societies together with contemporary critical theories.

B-AM 202: Business of the Creative Enterprise II

  • Financial Management for the Arts
  • Entrepreneurial Approaches to Arts Marketing
  • Artist Management
  • Arts Leadership and Management

This module expands your knowledge of management theories and develops your analysis of their application to arts management. You will gain invaluable lessons on leadership in management and link these to the concepts of entrepreneurship in the marketing of the arts, and on the key areas of accounting and finance. You will also be given the principles and much-needed practical tools to manage visual and performing artists.

B-AM 203: Professional Practice (Visual and Performing Arts Management Practice II)

  • Visual Arts Management Practice - Exhibition Management
  • Visual Arts Management Practice - Curatorial Studies
  • Visual Arts Management Practice - Gallery & Musuem Management
  • Visual Arts Projects
  • Performing Arts Management Practice - Programming
  • Performing Arts Management Practice - Events Management
  • Performing Arts Management Practice - Venue Management
  • Performing Arts Project
  • Visual & Performing Arts Management Practice - Practical Attachment

This module will allow you to undertake a practical project from research, conceptualisation, proposal writing, and feasibility studies, to administrative and operational management, curation, implementation, and final evaluation. In Visual Arts Management, you will be introduced to the structure, programming, collection management and curatorial aspects of modern museums, galleries and international art shows.

In the Performing Arts Management, you will also be introduced to issues and the practices of programming, venue management and events management.

B-AM 204: Research and Communications Skills II

  • Art Writing & Criticism
  • Research Methodology
  • IT & Design Skills

Using the principles gained from Art and Aesthetics, you will acquire the skills to write critical reviews, previews and commentaries on arts. You will develop skills in designing basic marketing collaterals and be introduced to multimedia such as video, to communicate with your audiences. Under Research Methods, you will be taught different quantitative and qualitative research methods and how to present information for both academia and the arts industry.


B-AM 301: History and Contextual Studies III

  • The Arts and Artists in Society

This module discusses and illustrates the various roles played by artists in society through introduction to the historical, sociological and cultural functions of the arts in society.

B-AM 302: Business of the Creative Enterprise III

  • Business Ethics
  • Business Planning
  • Arts Law
  • Arts Policy

In Arts Policy and Arts Law, you will learn studies of cultural policies to understand the government direction for the arts and be introduced to aspects of the Singapore Law and the legal issues that relate to the arts industry. In Business Management and Ethics you will develop the knowledge and skill to write a business plan.

B-AM 303: Arts Internships

  • Arts Internship

A critical element in the study of arts management is the direct practical engagement with the creative and cultural industries. You are given opportunities for attachments and internships at arts organisations and businesses for a total of 320 hours, through which you will gain further professional work experience to equip you in your career as an arts manager.

B-AM 304: Research Dissertation

  • Research Dissertation

The research dissertation demonstrates your reflective analysis of the principles and practices of Arts Management.


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Asia Pacific Network for Cultural Education & Research

ANCER is Asia Pacific’s first Network for Cultural Education and Research. An initiative of LASALLE College of the Arts, the network was formed as a way to stimulate international inquiry and research in this sector in order to contribute to a better understanding of the unique factors contributing to the study of arts management and cultural policy in the Asia Pacific region.

The 2nd ANCER Conference, “New Voices, Current Perspectives: Arts Management, Policy and Development in Asia”, will be held at LASALLE from 13 – 15 November 2014.This conference will discuss the larger cultural identity frameworks connected with the Asia Pacific region, as well as the visions and strategies dealing with cultural policy and education in the cultural and arts sector. Panels and keynotes involving some of the most interesting and intellectually provocative academics, public intellectuals and artists, from Southeast Asia and beyond, will discuss the issues concerning this region. The conference will be of interest to academics, students, researchers, arts and cultural managers, artists and policy makers.

In addition to the main proceedings there will be also be a panel session for invited young cultural policy and arts and cultural management researchers, with the goal of initiating the gathering of a community of young researchers from the region and nurturing the space for critical thinking for a new generation. There will also bea dialogue session on cultural collaborations and exchanges between Asia and Europe, organized in collaboration with ENCATC - the leading European network on cultural management and cultural policy education - and with support from the ASEF Creative Networks initiative of the Asia-Europe Foundation. This session will address the question of the foundations of collaboration practices between Asia and Europe, seeking a deeper understanding of the assumptions, issues, and potential for development. 

The conference will also host a number of pre-conference activities such as the LASALLE Cultural Leaders' Lab Open Conversations II and cultural events. 

The registration form for the conference can be downloaded HERE.

The ANCER Network held its first meeting in 2012 and its current institutional membership includes:


LASALLE College of the Arts, School of Arts Management

BA(Hons), Arts Management


MA, Arts & Cultural Management


The University of Melbourne, School of Culture & Communication Australia

Arts and Cultural Management

Hong Kong

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

MA, Cultural Management


Institut Teknologi Bandung, School of Business & Management

BA, Business Administration


De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, School of Design & Arts

BA, Arts Management


Taipei National University of the Arts, Center of Arts Resources & Educational Outreach



National Taiwan University of Arts, Graduate School of Arts Management & Cultural Policy

MA, Arts Administration & Management


International Master of the Arts Program in Cultural and Creative Industries


MA, Arts Management & Cultural Policy


PhD, Arts Management & Cultural Policy


Chulalongkorn University

MA, Cultural Management

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi Men’s College, Higher Colleges of Technology

MA, Cultural & Creative Industries

For more information & membership enquiries, please contact ANCER Coordinators, Ms Audrey Wong ( or Dr Aleksandar Brkic (

"ANCER will provide a much needed organisation to represent this part of the world and provide collaborative possibilities with the existing organisations in Europe and the USA. The potential for the exchange of knowledge and new developments in cultural policy, research and creative industries will be greatly enhanced by this timely intervention."

 - Cristina Ortega Nuere, President, European Cultural Management Network, ENCATC

 "This is a very exciting initiative for us at LASALLE. The tertiary arts institutions in Singapore play important roles in talent and capability development, as well as public education through the presenting of arts events to local and regional communities. This Network initiative is going a step further; it will fill gaps in terms of research and teaching for the creative industries within the Asia Pacific region."

- Venka Purushothaman, Vice-President (Academic) & Provost, LASALLE College of the Arts

Other Memberships: